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Logo Design


Are you wondering why a strong, creative logo design is necessary for your business brand? Consider this—almost every product sold today has its own carefully crafted image —right down to the bananas we eat and the nuts and bolts that keep our bicycles running. Think for a minute about your last trip to the market. Did you notice the bright yellow stickers on your fruit and the smiling cow on your cheese? These simple but gentle reminders are at the core of establishing a unique presence in an otherwise crowded marketplace. If it works for them, don’t you think it could also work for you?

A Custom Logo Design performs several critical functions:

  • It provides a graphical snapshot of your business that reinforces your mission, products, and community involvement.
  • It delivers a message about your brand that distinguishes it from the competition.
  • It catches the eye of prospective customers.
  • It builds a relationship with current customers by appealing to their sense of familiarity and trust.
  • It’s a constant source of advertising without the hefty price tag.

Our logo design specialists at Indianapolis-based Halogen Designs can help strengthen your brand image with an affordable logo design. We connect colors to energy levels, graphics to products, and simplicity with design. Most importantly, we connect your brand with what you want people to remember.

Our professional design team is eager to work with you. We realize that a laughing cow might be perfect for capturing the attention of cheese lovers, but would not be optimum for a local CPA office or a Hip-Hop record label. We take the time to get to know you and your company culture thoroughly before we hit the drafting table.

Are you ready for an infectious dose of our excitement about creating custom logos?

Call us at 317-572-8765 or email us today. And when you call, ask about the free letterhead and business card design that comes with every logo order.